Moving To Higher Ground


This special mentorship programme is a combined personal growth and clinical development experience for professionals working with children who have special needs.

Under the guidance of master clinicians, participants attending Moving To Higher Ground will develop their own learning plan designed to enhance the skill set they wish to improve.

Before the workshop, individualised learning programmes will be planned through discussion between participants and the programme coordinator, Kimberly Barthel.

The intensive five-day programme offers participants opportunities to experience state-of-the-art intervention approaches, hands-on treatment, didactic learning and practical experience, along with the opportunity for retreat and connection with other participants.

Participants will be paired with children in a hands-on experience who match the areas in which the participants wish to gain expertise and confidence. Participants will also be supported by demonstration, lectures and group discussions.

Individual feedback, tutorials and group practicum will be under the guidance of master clinicians.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, learners will develop:

  • in-depth problem solving skills using an eclectic approach to treatment that combines a multi-systems approach
  • three skills as identified in their self-designed learning programme
  • a greater understanding of their gifts and barriers to the intervention process through self-discovery and personal growth process inherent to the course dynamics

The Presenter

Kimberly Barthel is an Author, Consultant, Occupational Therapist, and owner of Labyrinth Journeys, a company dedicated to providing professionals and personal growth workshops. Kim is a Neuro-Developmental Treatment – OT Instructor and a Teacher of Sensory Integration Therapy, with post-graduate study in neurosciences and a range of complementary healing practices. Having authored the pediatric textbook: Evidence and Art: Merging Forces in Pediatric Therapy. Kim proficiently blends and bridges the most up to date science of connection and attachment theory with the intuitive aspect of the therapeutic process. Kim’s recent professional challenges include team strategy facilitation for acute pediatric / adolescent mental health cases, and creating sustainable care strategies in a wide variety of cultures throughout the world.

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