Train The Trainer (Presentation and Facilitation)


Effective trainers cannot just be subject matter experts in their domains. They must be skillful in the use of facilitation techniques to guide learners in the learning process instead of merely delivering content through a one-way lecture. The key in adult learning is to “help them learn what they want to learn”.

Being able to facilitate learning starts with awareness of adult learning principles and learning styles, translated into planning a learning session using the Theory-Session and Skills-Session Models.

This course equips you with the essential skills of facilitating. You will examine how adults learn and be involved in planning an interactive session for your learners. Try your hands on the use of a range of facilitation techniques, including the use of technologies, to engage learners with different learning preferences.

Key Areas

  • Learning principles and different learning preferences in adult learners
  • Importance of learning objectives when preparing a training session
  • Technologies used in training
  • Theory-Session and Skill-Session Models
  • Facilitation techniques in relation to different types of participants
  • Evaluation of training effectiveness

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the different learning preferences in adult learners
  • Write learning objectives for a training session
  • Plan a session using either theory or skills-session model
  • Apply facilitation techniques in a training session incorporating technologies
  • Explain the use of evaluation methods to measure effectiveness of training

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