Team Awareness Through Extended DISC


The importance of team work is undisputed. But working in a team comprising people with different behavioural styles sometimes leads to disagreement and conflict if not well managed. Being successful in a team involves the ability to understand your own behavioural styles and the thinking patterns of others with different behavioural styles. This understanding helps us adapt in order to work cohesively with everyone in the team.

This insightful course puts you through an online questionnaire that analyses your preferred behavioural styles. Under the skillful facilitation of our DISC trainer, you will discover the makeup of your team and how everyone can adapt to work cohesively and move the team forward to where it wants to be.

Key Areas

  • Online questionnaire with an individual report of integrated profile analysis
  • Preferred behaviour styles
  • Adapt to work with the different styles of others

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify where the team is currently at and considerations to where it wants to be
  • Identify areas to be clued to into to ensure balanced behavioural styles in team
  • Interpret preferences in thinking patterns of different behavioural styles
  • Value differences to work cohesively with others with different styles

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