[E2IA] Routines Based Interview (Non-Funded)

For professionals working with families of children in Early Childhood Intervention


The Routines Based Interview (RBI) is an integral tool for working with families and children in Early Childhood Intervention. It is designed to equip you with skills in establishing a positive relationship with the family, gathering information about child and family needs, and developing a list of functional outcomes through a semi-structured interview about the child and family’s daily routines.


This 2-day workshop provides a hands-on and practical approach for professionals and teachers to acquire core skills to use Routines Based Interviews with children to set goals leading to the development of personalised implementation plans under the guidance of the trainers.


Key Areas

 ·      Key principles in routines based early intervention and structure of RBI

  • Setting goals with clients in RBI
  • Troubleshooting during interviews.
  • Techniques of developing personalised implementation plans


Learning Outcomes


Participants will be able to:

  • Examine the key principles underlying routines-based early intervention.
  • Use ecomaps, Routines-Based Interviews and participation-based goal setting.
  • Develop a personalised implementation plan for using aspects of routines-based early intervention in everyday practice.


Full fee applies.

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