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[CTG]: Readiness and Toileting Behaviour of Children with Special Needs

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Toilet training is often a challenge to many parents and caregivers. In this course, we help parents understand factors that affect toilet training, such as the child’s readiness, emotionality or even developmental factors that may restrict or delay such training. You’ll learn to identify where the child is in his or her current toileting needs through gathering and analysis of data. This is followed by the identification of a best fit in the timing to begin toilet training with consistency and eventually when the household is ready to support the toilet training programme.

Key Areas

  • Factors that will affect toilet-training 

  • Analysis of current toileting behaviour/needs through a data gathering checklist
  • Toileting behaviour sequence
  • Toilet training strategies & technique to teach

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and analyse their child’s current readiness for toilet training 

  • Select a data gathering method to suit current routine 

  • Decide a consistent and appropriate time to begin toilet training 

  • Choose an appropriate strategy to increase their child’s positive toileting behaviour. 



Full Fee: $75 (excl GST). As a Parent* you’ll enjoy up to $65 subsidy (subject to the balance in your child’s Caregiver Training Grant, which is $200 for each financial year), if your child is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident and has a disability as assessed by a doctor. 

A working professional who is neither a parent nor a caregiver of a child with a disability will pay full fee.