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Understanding Sexuality Development In Children & Youths With Disabilities [For non-funded participants]

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All children and young people, regardless of abilities should have access to quality sexuality and relationship education. This will allow them, to develop more positive qualities, attitudes, skills and knowledge about sexuality in order to develop into healthier, happy and confident young adults.

This course will discuss the importance of parents and caregivers to understand sexuality development of their children with disabilities, to enable a more comfortable conversation and interaction related to sexuality. During the course, parents and caregivers will also be introduced to various strategies to deal with puberty related changes in their children with disabilities.

The course is facilitated by a Registered Psychologist who using cases studies, discussions and real-life scenarios to aid in the participants learning and application.

Key Areas

  • Introducing Sexuality Education to PWD
  • Typical and atypical sexual behaviour of PWD
  • Various changes for PWD in their puberty years

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you’ll be able to

  • Differentiate between typical and atypical sexual behaviours
  • Identify the changes associated with the stages of sexual development (physical, social/emotional and hormonal changes) in male and female PWDs
  • Recognize factors affecting sexual development