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Support Persons with Disabilities through Positive Behavioural Strategies

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Working with Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) requires an in-depth understanding of
behaviour and its functions. The next step of analysing their behaviour then leads to
informed decisions on using a range of strategies to promote positive behaviour. In this way,
we address their underlying needs instead of merely dealing with “symptoms” on the surface.
This insightful course gives you a solid foundation on human behaviour anchored on key
behavioural theories. You will examine different facets of behaviour using authentic case
studies and how mindfulness strategies are selected and integrated for positive behaviour
Key Areas
• Key Behavioural Theories
• Behaviour and its functions
• Analysis of behaviour
• Importance of mindfulness strategies
• Proactive Strategies and Reactive Strategies to promote positive behaviour
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Describe positive behaviour support for persons with disabilities
• Analyse behaviour using functional behaviour analysis
• Explain the use of proactive and reactive strategies to promote positive behaviour