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Thinking, Learning, Moving Differences in Persons with Disabilities

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The brain is the powerhouse of our body, mind and functions. While science has yet to fully deconstruct the mysteries of the brain, we know enough about how it affects our executive functioning (EF) in relation to how we think, learn, and behave. In the area of working with Persons with Disabilities, a firm understanding of how their executive functioning is affected helps you make informed decisions of ways of working with them.

This interactive course helps you peer into the brain and how our thinking, learning and behaviour relate to our EF. More importantly, you will examine the impact of EF on persons with disabilities and a range of activities to strength their EF limitations.

Key Areas

  • The "CEO" of the Brain
  • How EF works when we think, learn and move/act/behave
  • The impact of EF on the persons with disabilities – skills affected by EF challenges
  • Activities to strengthen common EF limitations in persons with disabilities e.g. attention, flexibility, task initiation, self-monitoring regulation, organisation and sequencing

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the areas of executive functions in thinking, learning & movement
  • Describe the possible effect of EF in thinking, learning and movement (action) of persons with disabilities
  • Explain the use of activities to strengthen common EF limitations in PWDs