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Hanen: Learning Language & Loving It

This course is available for contextualisation to cater to organisation's needs.
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Hanen: Learning Language and Loving It is an evidence-based approach based on the premise that educators and parents can positively influence children's acquisition of language and literacy through frequent, high quality interactions in which the educator or parent practices linguistic responsiveness.

This introductory workshop will cover the theoretical foundations of literacy development and the relationship between linguistic responsiveness and quality of early education language learning. It will also provide participants with strategies to promote responsive interaction.

This highly practice-based workshop includes 5 one-to-one sessions with the trainer. Constructive face-to-face coaching and feedback is provided after each classroom observation to facilitate deep skills learning, helping you transfer skills and techniques into your classroom teaching.

Key Areas

  • Development of social and language skills
  • Stages of development for language acquisition
  • Strategies to facilitate interaction and literacy development
  • Teaching styles and language development

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to utilise:

  • Child-oriented strategies that promote conversational interactions.
  • Interaction-promoting strategies for extended and small group interactions.
  • Language modelling strategies that build children’s receptive and expressive strategies.